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Broken tooth: Treatments

In the event of a broken tooth, the treatments will be different depending on the trauma.
Once the nature of the trauma is identified, the dentist can reconstruct the tooth at best. When there is no pulpal involvement (nerve + vessels), the practitioner sticks the piece of tooth or "builds" a replica resin. If there is pulpal involvement, the dentist usually devitalizes the tooth and then rebuilds it in resin, or lays a crown. When the root is reached, the tooth must be extracted.

In children, a shock on a milk tooth must be taken seriously because it may have damaged the germ of the definitive tooth. In case of trauma to a definitive tooth, the dentist performs the necessary first aid. Then usually at the end of the child's growth, he will perform a final reconstruction.

Protection is recommended in some sports. In case of risky physical activity for the teeth, it is recommended to have a mouthguard made by a dentist, specially adapted to his jaw and dentition. This protection is made by taking fingerprints in the dentist's office.

The Health Insurance reimburses a consultation and a reconstruction to the tune of 70%. Dental reconstruction is much more expensive than Social Security provides. The aid of a complementary insurance or a mutual are essential, especially if a crown or a bridge are necessary!

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