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Yellow teeth: The causes

To understand the causes of yellow teeth, he first of all knows that there are two types of coloration: intrinsic and extrinsic colorations.

Intrinsic stains are less common and more difficult to treat. They are usually due to taking a medicine during the mother's pregnancy or during early childhood. Products are incorporated inside the tooth itself. In the past, antibiotics, such as tetracycline, have been given to pregnant women and have caused green, brownish or yellow teeth stains. This antibiotic is nowadays not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.

Extrinsic stains are due to dyes on the surface of the enamel or dentine. They may be due to tobacco, food (wine, tea, coffee). Poor oral hygiene will also promote extrinsic staining, because if the teeth are not brushed properly, all ingested foods and products such as tobacco will accumulate on the surface of the teeth and form a stain.

Bacterial infections can also stain the surface of the teeth and give a yellowish or blackish color. Dental erosion can also cause yellowing of the teeth. Generally, the yellow teeth are not the sign of a pathology, it is often external products which will be fixed on the teeth.

The natural yellowing of teeth may also be related to physiological and genetic phenomena that are difficult to control. The colorings of the teeth therefore also have a genetic determinant, some people will naturally have teeth whiter or more yellow than others. Over time, the white enamel of the teeth will wear out and will reveal the tissue under the enamel, the dentin which is yellow. The lighter the white enamel layer becomes, the lower the yellow comes out.

Good to know: what care for beautiful teeth in good health?

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