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Sensitive teeth: the causes

Several causes can cause sensitive teeth.

The phenomenon of sensitive teeth can be temporary, caused by:

  • traumatic brushing due to the use of a hard toothbrush,
  • an involuntary teeth grinding (bruxism),
  • dental erosion (acid attack of food),
  • too aggressive descaling,
  • gingival inflammation, etc.

Normally, in these cases, just take a few simple steps to get back to normal and get rid of the unpleasant feeling of sensitive teeth.

However, some dental conditions can cause exposure of the dentine to external aggressions, and therefore constitute specific causes of suffering from sensitive teeth:

Tooth decay

Cavity is an infection of the tooth that is affected by bacteria that attack the enamel. Caries progressively passes through the enamel, exposing the dentine: the teeth then become very sensitive to hot, cold and sugar.

Gum loosening

Often the phenomena of tooth sensitivity are caused by a tooth loosening: the dentine of the root of the teeth is exposed to external aggressions (brushing teeth, chewing, heat shock, acidity of food) because of a retraction of the gums.

The teeth become more sensitive to changes in temperature, especially cold.

If this retraction concerns the outer part of the dental crown, one can generally see the bare part of the root of the tooth. There is often a connection between bleeding and sensitive teeth: bleeding is often a sign of gingivitis and retraction of the gums.

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