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Sensitive teeth: sources and notes

Author: Elide Achille.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Vianney Descroix, MCU-PH, Department of Odontology GHPS - Paris.


- ADF website, 2013.

- ADDY M Dentine hyeprsensitivity: new perspectives on an old problem Int. Tooth. J., 2002; 52: 367-375.

- West NX. The dentin hypersensitivity patient - a total management package. Int Dent, J 2007; 57: 411-419.

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My Symptoms

Red buttocks: Sources and notes

> Larregue M, Gallet P, Rat JP. W seat dermatitis in infants. Dermatologica, 1975. > Atherton DJ, "A review of the pathophysiology, prevention and treatment of irritant diaper dermatitis, " Curr Med Res Opin, Vol. 20, No. 5, 2004.
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> Dhermy P. Contribution of the study of conjunctival cytology during conjunctivitis. Rev. Br Laboratory 1981; 94: 8-11. >. Berdy GJ., Hedqvist B. Deular allergic disorders and dry eye disease: associanons, diagnasnc and dilemnas, and management. Acta Ophthalmal, 2000; 78. 32-7. > Fischer MC
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My Symptoms

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