Atopic dermatitis: treatments

They rely on prevention to reduce the frequency of relapses and the appearance of complications, as well as the control of acute phases, relapses.

Local care

They are the basis of treatments aimed at limiting the drying of the skin.

For the toilet, it is advisable to use soaps surgras, supplemented with moisturizing creams. Hydration must be even more careful during the winter.

The bath or shower should be short-lived, at a temperature of not too hot water (the water may aggravate the itching and dry skin). To dry, it is necessary to avoid rubbing, but rather to dab with the towel.

The pools should be avoided as the water is very "aggressive" and contains many detergents. It is recommended to give a quick shower to the child, in case of sweating (physical effort, heat ...).

Anti-aggression measures

Children with atopic dermatitis are more sensitive than average to "external aggression". Avoid covering the child too much, prefer cotton towels, wash without fabric softener or other additives.

Precautions against allergens

Avoid exposure to pets (cat, dog, guinea pig ...) if an allergy to these animals has been identified. A particular diet is necessary when an allergy to a particular food is obvious. Beware of dust mites and mold. Dusting (regular suction, wet sponge ...), aeration of parts ... are necessary.


Emollients are used in the background (once or twice a day). Creams containing corticosteroids are applied to eczematous lesions. These treatments are prescribed, and you should follow the doctor's instructions.

Attention also to the risks of superinfection (impetigo or herpes). And if it occurs, it will take the necessary drugs to treat it.

The spas

Spas are specialized in the treatment of atopic skin. The best known are St-Gervais-les-Bains, Avene, La Roche-Posay.

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