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Massages to do good: the advice of the masseur physiotherapist

David Schpiro is a physiotherapist masseur and advisor of the French Federation of Rehabilitation Physiotherapists. He gives lots of advice ...

Who to turn to for a quality massage?

I would say to a professional who has received specific training. Many spas and institutes now offer this kind of services. Unfortunately, staff are not always well trained in this type of practice, which, while seemingly trivial, can be dangerous if it is poorly executed. In the case of a muscular lesion, for example, inadequate or improperly performed massage can compromise healing and even cause fibrosis of the muscle tissue. Similarly, in case of venous diseases, you have to be extremely careful.

How to find "his" masseur then?

Word of mouth works well. But the simplest is still to ask him if he practices massages of well-being, and this or that technique in particular if one seeks something of precise. A masseur who does not practice will not necessarily be better than a beautician who does this all day, but if he does, it is that he enjoys doing this kind of benefits. It is therefore a guarantee of quality and safety.

What is the cost of a massage session?

It's very variable. It depends on the practitioner, but the average price of a session is between 20 and 45 euros per session. On the other hand, in the institutes, the prices rise rapidly because they invoice besides the massage all around ... By against, to address a masseur physiotherapist does not mean that the cost of the session will be taken supported by health insurance. We are here in the field of well-being and comfort, so there is no refund.

Feeling tired or completely "emptied" after a massage is normal?

Absolutely! This is especially true with Asian techniques that work a lot on energy. It is also the backlash of letting go that takes place during the massage. But everything goes back to normal after a good night's sleep and we take full advantage of the benefits of her massage.

According to the public health code, the massage competence is in principle the responsibility of masseurs-physiotherapists: "The profession of masseur-physiotherapist consists in practicing usually the massage and the medical gymnastics". However, since November 2016, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has recognized "non-therapeutic massage" for the purpose of well-being. A regulation of this practice is being drawn up by the French Federation of Massages Bien-Etre.

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