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Plants for sleeping

Oh sleep! He sometimes plays tricks on us. One in two French is not satisfied. It was believed to control him, and now he escapes us ... with the terror of becoming insomniac, like 20% of the French population.

But insomnia is not inevitable. It is an evil of the society on which it is possible to act ... without sleeping pills. Because it is obvious that in France, we still consume too much psychotropic drugs! Also, why not turn to plants (herbal medicine) to find sleep? To finally sleep ...

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Plants for sleeping

Some plants have proven effective on minor sleep disorders. In herbal tea, capsules, spray, everyone's preference. Often, we find in the trade of phytotherapy products associating different plants.

A phytotherapist can help you, or a specialized pharmacy of herbal medicine. It must be remembered that if you take an herbal tea in the evening before going to bed, it can interfere with sleep, since we may have to get up at night to empty her bladder ... Apart from this warning There are a number of plants that can be recommended to help you find (or at least: improve) your sleep.

Valerian and passionflower, marjoram and linden, escholtzia, hops and hawthorn ... Here is the list of plants to sleep!

Also discover in this article the benefits of aromatherapy in case of sleep problems!

Good to know: 15 tips for sleeping well

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Author: Dr. Nicolas Evrard and Dr. Ada Picard, psychiatrist.

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