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Age differences: interview with Dr. Youssef Mourtada, psychiatrist

Do you think that when there is a big age difference in a couple, it necessarily has a psychic significance?

Yes I think so. Which does not detract from the quality of love!
There are societal phenomena that play a role. It's true that gender equality means that women, too, can take on the urge of a younger partner. Just as men have done for a long time. Women today have the means to fight against the effects of time. As well enjoy.

But, it's not just that, of course. We talk about love stories here. With a real relationship to another. Sincere and authentic, apart from material interests or appearance.

These loves correspond to a real encounter, a real story ...

We can say that two people who meet are also two psychic stories that meet and merge. It is the psychic reality that counts, not the chronological age. A little girl very impressed by her father, may want, at the age of woman, to continue this oedipal relationship with a man of his father's age. A young man, in the same way, can bridge his relationship with his mother, with an older woman. A woman, older, filling a child's desire or frustration of this order, with a man of her son's age. In any case, in matters of love, there is no chance, I am sure. They are always two psyches that meet and complement each other.

Do you think that these particular love stories can fit in time?

That's the problem, of course. Yes, these stories can last. But they are not simple. Can a young man really project in ten or twenty years with his wife who is twenty years older than him? When he's 40, she'll have 60 ... That's possible, of course. But, one can think that he will have other desires, very legitimate, one day or the other. And she, how will she live this situation? Besides, the older woman is aware of it ...

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