Diverticulitis: Symptoms

1 - Clinical signs

The symptoms of diverticulitis are described as those of "appendicitis on the left":
> pain in the left flank,
> transit disorders, often alternating between diarrhea and constipation (sometimes a little blood in the stool),
> fever,
> loss of weight, loss of appetite over a longer period when the patient is suffering from a subacute form.

These symptoms are more or less present depending on the severity of the condition. In the most serious cases, the inflammation may progress to an abscess (risk of peritonitis!), Spread to the colon - what is called a sigmoiditis - and / or lead to intestinal perforation. In all three cases, these are medico - surgical emergencies.

2 - The exams

In the absence of particular symptoms, and digestive disorders, the examination usually practiced is colonoscopy. Thanks to a mini-camera on optical tube, the doctor observes the interior of the colon and can thus note the presence of diverticula.

In the acute phase, colonoscopy is usually not performed because of the risk of digestive perforation. The doctors use in this case the scanner, possibly supplemented by a radiograph of the digestive tract made visible by a radiopaque product.
A blood test is also performed.

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