Epilepsy in children: useful addresses

In addition to the medical problems specific to epileptic illness, there are also problems of adaptation to social life ... because the child may be too disabled to integrate into a "normal" life, or because the ideas received from the entourage still put it on the margin.

A doctor who worked a lot on this condition said: "There is no other affection than epilepsy where social prejudices are more serious than the disease itself".
So it is important to be well informed ...

Here are some useful addresses, the coordinates of associations specialized in epilepsy.

13 rue Frémicourt - 75015 Paris
Such. : 01 53 80 66 64
Website: www.epilepsie-france.fr
Facebook: // www.facebook.com/Epilepsie-France ...

French Foundation for Epilepsy Research - FFRE
Necker Children's Hospital
Square Necker building - Door N1 3rd floor right
149 rue de Sèvres
75015 Paris
Such. : 01 47 83 65 36
Email: [email protected]

French League Against Epilepsy - LFCE
ANT Congress - LFCE Secretariat
154 avenue de Lodève, 34070 Montpellier
Such. : 04 67 10 92 23

National Committee for Epilepsy - CNE
13 rue Frémicourt 75015 PARIS
Contact: Jacky DUFAY - Secretary General of the CNE: [email protected]

Federation for Brain Research - FRC
28, rue Tronchet - 75009 Paris
Such. : 01 58 36 46 46

Federation of Disabled People's Associations with Severe Epilepsies - EFAPPE
36 St Robert Street, 38120 St EGREVE
Such. : 06 09 72 28 51
Email: [email protected]

Relay Association for Education and Youth Inclusion - ARPEIJE
54, rue du Moulin de Pierre
92140 Clamart
Tel: +33 (0) 1 41 90 65 80

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