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Diaper rash: heal baby's red buttocks

If we often want to chew them so they are round and soft, baby's buttocks are also very fragile.

A layer that stays wet for too long, diarrhea, stools that are too acidic, and that is the nightmare of baby diaper rash.

This is called, in the language of the mothers, "the red buttocks" and in the language of the specialists "the dermatitis of the seat or the gluteal dermatitis". This is an embarrassing event for the baby, but benign, most of the time.

The skin is irritated, ulcerated, inflamed, sometimes hot. Small red pimples appear, sometimes shiny plates and small wounds. The rash is most often found in the area covered by the diaper, that is to say the buttocks, the upper thighs and the genitals.

It is estimated that 60% of infants are affected by this diaper rash, especially between 8 and 12 months. However, in the space of 20 years, these dermatitis have decreased considerably, thanks to hygiene. Not that the products have evolved to this point, because they are not the ones who improve the situation, but through prevention. It was not rare, indeed, only a few years ago, that these dermatitis become infected. It has become exceptional today.

Baby cries, he is embarrassed and sleeps badly. So how to avoid, and how to get rid of the galley of this diaper rash?

Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.
Expert consultant: Dr. Georges Picherot, head of the pediatric department of the University Hospital of Nantes.
Last update: November 2014.

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