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Avoid cancer through sport! : Promoting Physical Activity

In France, the practice of physical activities is still insufficient
50% of adolescents and 43% ** of adults regularly engage in high-level physical activity (with a male prevalence of women), ie an activity "resulting in health benefits", according to the recommendations of the IPAQ (International Physical Activity Questionnaire).

The evolution of lifestyles, which tends toward a certain sedentary lifestyle, makes it essential to develop strategies for a wider dissemination of physical activity. This important goal of public health requires the implementation of targeted international and national health policies.

If, in 2010, the WHO published the Global Recommendations for Physical Activity for Health, in France, its promotion is one of the main axes of the action of the PNNS (National Plan Nutrition and Health).
Since 2001, the INPES (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education) has organized awareness and promotion campaigns for the practice of sport, through "Sport - Health - Wellbeing" days and leaflets of information (Moving every day is good for your health). But it must be admitted: despite these communication campaigns, the practice of physical activities are still insufficient ...

* Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health, World Health Organization 2010
** Health nutrition barometer 2008.

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