Fibroma: in case of pregnancy

What are the consequences of a fibroid on pregnancy, but also on a desire for pregnancy?

On the design

A pregnancy can very well be started in a woman who unknowingly presents a uterine fibroid. The latter can pose no problem throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, although some disorders (quite rare) can occur ...

But it also happens that a woman has trouble getting pregnant because of a fibroid, and it is during investigations carried out in a fertility assessment that one can discover a uterine fibroid in women. It is discovered by an ultrasound examination.

A fibroma is also sometimes discovered after an ultrasound performed to try to understand the occurrence of repeated miscarriages.

During pregnancy

It could be feared that a fibroma greatly disrupts the progress of a pregnancy. But in most cases, once the pregnancy started, this benign tumor does not cause major effects. The most frequent complication is the occurrence of pains in the fibroma in women but which are not serious for pregnancy.

Pregnancy will not increase the size of the existing fibroma. There is also no risk of fetal intrauterine growth retardation, retroplacental hematoma, or risk of death in utero ... Note however that some fibroids may promote abnormal insertion of the placenta .

Depending on the location of the fibroid or its size, vaginal delivery may be more difficult. The fetus may indeed not be present normally by the top of the skull. A fibroid present in the uterine cavity, can promote a premature delivery.

During the massage, the obstetricians will also be more vigilant. Indeed, the fibroids or fibroids may make the work less efficient, and during delivery (expulsion of the placenta), ensuring that the fibroid does not cause hemorrhage.

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