Folliculitis: the causes

Folliculitis is a fairly common bacterial infection. Any element or habit that can promote the transmission of microbes and bacteria can trigger the occurrence of folliculitis.

  • Obesity can promote folliculitis: it is more common in overweight people.
  • Wearing tight clothing, which promotes friction. It is advisable for people who have a predisposition to folliculitis, to favor comfortable clothing and cotton and avoid synthetic fabrics.
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shaving and the process of hair regrowth can also promote folliculitis. When hair removal is the trigger for infection, avoid frequent shaving and wait for the lesions to heal before re-shaving the affected area.
  • Cutaneous injuries (wounds, surgical wounds, ...).
  • Some drugs like cortisone, immunosuppressants, chemotherapy.
  • Some conditions can reduce the body's resistance to infections, such as diabetes, leukemia, HIV infection, etc. and promote the occurrence of folliculitis.
  • There are also non-infectious forms of folliculitis caused by yeasts, tars, and fats that can come into contact with the skin.

Sweating: the causes of a change of sweat

It masks its smell with deodorants or antiperspirants, yet perspiration is an indicator of health. Stronger odors, why?

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