Folliculitis: treatments

Superficial folliculitis usually heals quickly and does not need to be treated. We only intervene with a treatment when the patient is really embarrassed by the pimples.

> In case of superficial folliculitis, it is important to start by following strict hygiene rules: always wash your hands and body and do not touch the buttons, to avoid contaminating other areas of the skin.

> In cases of widespread or recurrent folliculitis, antiseptic soaps can be used to kill microbes. There are also special shaving foams for people who have episodes of folliculitis of the beard.

> In case of deep folliculitis, it is necessary to intervene to avoid that they leave scars.
When the flares are very troublesome and painful, you can use local antibiotics, to apply directly on the button. In the rare cases of resistance to local treatments, the patient may be offered oral antibiotics. The duration of treatment depends on the location of the pimples, the intensity of the infection and its evolution.

In the deepest cases, it may be necessary to intervene surgically, to empty the follicle of the infection. Then, local antibiotics are applied until healing.

When there are triggering factors such as hair removal, the most important thing is to leave the area of ​​folliculitis alone, so as to avoid contaminating other areas, worsening the condition of the lesions, or preventing she recidivates. It is advisable to avoid wearing too tight clothing, and to prefer cotton to synthetic fabrics. You should wash regularly and use clean towels.

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