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Urinary leakage: the testimony of a patient

Testimony of Stephanie, 45, who suffered from a urinary problem that has really reached her morale.

You have consulted for urinary incontinence. What happened to you ?

Oh ! A very traumatic episode. I am a very active woman, I work in the field of communication, I see a lot of people. One day, during a meeting, I had an accident. I do not know what happened. I was very tired, that I remember. But I did not have a urinary tract infection. Suddenly, during the meeting, I felt that it flowed alone. I was peeing on it!

Without being able to remember anything, impossible! My pants were all wet. And everyone saw it. I was crazy about shame. I left the meeting. I could not return to work for days and days. I was put on sick leave. And I did not dare to talk about it. I felt so shameful!

So ? What have you done ?

It lasted days. And I have a friend who came to see me. To her, I could tell my horrible adventure. And his reaction made everything rock. She started laughing, telling me that she too had happened. She's a young, very dynamic girl, too. She told me that it happened to her with her boyfriend.

They had gone for a walk, and she had drunk a beer or two before the ride. She was wearing pants, and was peeing on it. But her reaction to her had been different. At first, she had knotted a sweater around her hips to hide. Then, the next day, she told him everything. And they laughed at this adventure, without dramatizing. She still advised me to see a doctor. To check...

And it was better?

No. I consulted a specialist, but it did not soothe me. I still had a phobic fear of going back to work. The doctor advised me to go see a psychotherapist. What I have done. I consulted a psychiatrist specialized in behavioral and cognitive therapies. And he's the one who took care of me.

I only thought about that, you know. I went to the bathroom all the time. Even if I did not want to urinate. To prevent. To avoid the leak. It had become obsessing. Even if it had happened to me once! In a few sessions, we have overcome the phobia. And I was able to resume my work. The first day, I was still a little afraid of the reaction of my colleagues, their eyes. But everything went well. In fact, the secret was to play down.

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