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Urinary leakage: the causes

In fact, we do not know very well the causes of urinary leakage. What is known is that it affects women more readily than men, and that urinary function is impaired with passing time.

The pregnancies in question

Pregnancy has an impact, but it is difficult to measure. For a long time there has been a tendency to associate pregnancies and vaginal deliveries with urinary incontinence. The link is not so obvious as that. Already, it varies from one woman to another.

Urinary leakage, a question of age or family

What emerges from the different studies is that after age 65, whether one has had children or not, whether one has given birth naturally or not, one becomes about equal to the risks of incontinence. So it would be age that would be the main cause.

It also seems that a hereditary factor would promote the occurrence of urinary incontinence.

Other causes are:

  • A low urinary tract infection, a cystitis.
  • An inflammation or infection of the vagina.
  • Bladder malfunction, too lazy or overactive.
  • Prolapse (the descent of the organs contained in the perineum).

On the other hand, it has been found that incontinence is often associated with pathologies such as recurrent cystitis. Without the infections or cystitis itself being a proven cause of urinary incontinence.

Consult your doctor

It is not always very nice to go to confess to his doctor too frequent leaks. But there are ways to fix all that, and the doctor will look for the cause of urinary incontinence. Or, if he can not determine the cause, he will propose solutions.

For this, the doctor will ask you many questions. It will ask you, for example, to locate on several days the frequency and the volume of your urine. This will help diagnose polyuria, for example, too frequent urination.
But this will also allow for psychological and behavioral care.

The doctor may also ask for further examinations.

The main complementary exams:

  • A bacteriological examination of urine (ECBU) looking for an infection.
  • An urodynamic assessment to study the urination and filling of the bladder.

In some cases :

  • A bladder ultrasound to measure the thickness of the bladder wall and the residual urinary volume after urination.
  • A cystoscopy . Using a thin probe with a mini-camera, the doctor looks directly into the bladder to look for a possible abnormality.

The specialist physician who can be consulted is a urologist or a gynecologist .

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