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Urinary leakage: the advice of the specialist doctor

The advice of Dr. Xavier Fritel, specialist doctor, gynecologist at CHU Poitiers.

Do we know the reasons for urinary incontinence?

First, there is no incontinence, but several forms of incontinence. And we do not always know the causes very well. But, at the limit, if the doctor can not accurately determine the exact reason for incontinence, he can, by examinations, by treatments, overcome. And that's the point.
The origin of a urinary incontinence can be difficult to identify, it can sometimes depend simply on certain habits of life ...

For example ?

I remember a patient who was asking me a problem. She had leaks that handicapped her a lot. So much so that she tended to want to lock herself at home. She had developed a real professional phobia. Besides, she had noticed that at home she was less subject to these leaks. But at work it came back. We sought the reason. In fact, when she was working, she needed to drink a lot of coffee. She absorbed her two liters each day. So, we do not know if it was the coffee that caused the leaks or the amount of liquid absorbed, simply ... the fact is that it was this habit that was involved. So, you see, this can be a very stupid cause. Very easy to repair. Hence the importance of consulting and talking about it.

What are the most common consequences of incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is not a disease. But sometimes it is a real social handicap. When we see women who do not dare leave their homes, because of that, who end up having a completely degraded image of themselves, who become depressed ... then we understand that the experience of incontinence is often very painful. This is the really serious consequence of incontinence: the social handicap.

Consult will serve of course to find solutions ...

Urinary incontinence is not inevitable, even if it is very common. Solutions exist: rehabilitation, medication and even surgery when the rest does not work. There is always a solution. Except, perhaps, in the case of very old women who suffer from neuro-degenerative pathologies.

But most of the patients are young women: between 45 and 65 years old. And for those, there are quite satisfactory treatments. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor. And most importantly, do not wait until it is experienced as a handicap.

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