Furuncle: the treatments

The furuncle treatments combine hygiene rules, local care, and whether or not antibiotic treatment is used.

First, a boil must be monitored. It must be verified that it does not spread locally, that there is no ganglion (lymphadenopathy), no fever, etc. And, above all, avoid manipulating it.

Disinfection of the skin is necessary. It is made by dabbing the boil several times a day with a local antiseptic. The

application of an antibiotic ointment (such as fucidine) can decontaminate the "lodgings" (contaminated areas) of staphylococcus aureus.

If friction is the cause of the appearance of a boil, treatment with ointments to accelerate healing is prescribed. If friction is to be prolonged (hike), dressings may be indicated.

It may be beneficial to apply alcohol dressings or warm (sterile!) Compresses to the boil to ripen it.

If the bladder does not clear spontaneously, it must sometimes be removed surgically.

General antibiotic treatments are necessary if the patient has fever, and if the boil spreads.

Cutaneous hygiene is essential to reduce the risk of contracting a boil: daily cleansing of the whole body with a mild soap.

Not to mention basic hygiene, which prevents the transmission of bacteria from one individual to another: regular hand washing with soap, etc.

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