Gastroenteritis: treatments

If dehydration is present in a child, let alone if it is small, do not hesitate to hospitalize it. Idem when risk factors for dehydration exist: if the child vomits a lot, has a lot of fever, or has lost weight.

If a child is sleepy, has hollow eyes, the fontanelle (space between the bones and skull on the head of the head) depressed and refuses to drink, it is possible that the dehydration is severe. His life is in danger, he must be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Similarly, if an adult suffering from gastroenteritis, has problems with consciousness, is drowsy or even in a coma, it must be hospitalized, it is a vital emergency.

There is no cure for the virus responsible for gastroenteritis, it is only necessary to fight against dehydration. In infants, as soon as diarrhea develops, treatment is based on Oral Rehydration Packs (ORS). These contain the right amount of sugar and minerals: after adding the right amount of water, you should give every five minutes the equivalent of one teaspoon of the solution to drink the baby. If he refuses the drink and the infant continues to vomit, to have diarrhea, it is better to consult quickly.

Older children and adults should also drink to avoid dehydration. What should you eat in case of gastro? What is certain is that it is not recommended to make a diet. Carrot soups and rice water are also not recommended since ORS exists.

If the diarrhea is of bacterial origin (after stool analysis), the doctor will prescribe appropriate antibiotic treatments.

To avoid contamination of the surroundings, certain hygiene rules must be respected. In nurseries, schools, hospitals, retirement homes (etc.) it is imperative to wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Same before and after each child's toilet. It is also advisable to regularly clean toys, door handles, etc. Despite this, the virus is so resistant that it is sometimes right of all these measures ...

Two vaccines against rotavirus are now available: they can reduce or even eliminate the risk of gastroenteritis related to rotavirus. This vaccine is not (or more) officially recommended in infants under 6 months, because of the sometimes serious side effects (intussusception).

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