Avian Flu

Bird flu is a disease of birds, it is due to a virus that can come in different types. It is very contagious and leads to the appearance of an epizootic, that is to say, an epidemic in animals.

In some birds, the disease is very serious and causes very high mortality. A type of bird flu virus, H5N1 can be transmitted from animals to humans. It is one of the most pathogenic strains for humans. It has already claimed 400 lives worldwide since 2003.

This virus can therefore be transmitted to mammals: pigs, humans ... but under very specific conditions, especially when there is a strong promiscuity between the infected birds and humans or another animal, during close and permanent contact with droppings, digestive and respiratory secretions, droppings, bird feathers.

When this virus contaminates a human body, it causes a flu-like syndrome, that is, a disease with signs that resemble those of the flu. But this condition is often serious and can lead to death.

The transmission from Man to Man is very exceptional, and even controversial.

The bird flu virus can be carried by wild birds around the world and cause a pandemic (among birds). Indeed, some migratory birds can be healthy carriers, that is, they carry the virus without being sick. However, they can transmit the disease to other birds especially turkeys and chickens, or ornamental birds (parrot, parakeet, etc.). If the virus is present in a poultry farm, or at bird merchants, it is necessary to kill all animals as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the bird flu virus.

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