Pregnancy and forbidden foods: choose fruits, vegetables and dairy products

Fruits and vegetables are, we must not forget, an inexhaustible source of vitamins. They are essential and banish them from your diet during your pregnancy would penalize your body.

Our advices :

> To avoid any risk of listeria or toxoplasmosis (if you are not immune), you can soak them for a few minutes in vinegar water or water with potassium permanganate before washing them with water and to consume them.

This advice is especially valid for products directly from the ground that may have been contaminated by animal excrement, such as salads and strawberries.

> Also remember to wash aromatic herbs and sprouted seeds such as soy.

A little soy

Soy, like some plants, contains phytoestrogens. Their structure is close to that of female hormones. They "mimic" the action of estrogen.

However, we can be reassured, because according to recent studies, phytoestrogens do not pose any significant danger for pregnant women.

Our advice:

> As a precautionary measure, avoid food supplements containing phytoestrogens, and do not consume more than one soy product per day.

What do you know about diet during pregnancy?

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Dairy products: make the right choice

Some products such as margarines, yogurt and other dairy drinks are specifically intended for people with too much cholesterol in the blood.
They are composed, among others, of phytosterol. Phytosterol has the same structure as cholesterol and thus decreases the absorption of cholesterol. This can be a problem because you have to have cholesterol (but not too much), even when you are pregnant.

Our advices :

> Today, we do not have much knowledge of the risks associated with the consumption of phytosterol. As a precaution, it is better to avoid eating, even pregnant women with too much cholesterol.

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