Pregnancy: gaining weight ... but how much?

The needle of the scale that leans more and more to the right comes a little tarnish the joy of seeing your belly round out? Tell yourself that you are not alone in this case.

Indeed, there are many women who, even pregnant, monitor their weight, with the goal of quickly finding the line after pregnancy. If it's good to control weight gain - including during pregnancy - be careful not to overdo it when you're pregnant.

To the same extent, we should not take pregnancy as a pretext for a certain dietary excess in the opposite direction: to allow all pleasure on the pretext that we will grow anyway, giving ourselves -being even good conscience by saying that you have to eat "for two" now ...

In either direction, it is advisable to remain reasonable for your well-being and of course for the health of your baby.

While there is no need to upset your eating habits during pregnancy, there are still some dietary rules that need to be followed and some specific needs to be addressed during this time. If it is obvious that you should not eat less during pregnancy, you do not have to eat twice as much: what matters is eating better! This is the best way to ensure proper baby development and "normal" weight gain during pregnancy.

But eat better, what does it mean exactly? And how do you know how much weight to take during pregnancy?

Do not panic, in this file, you will know more about:
> The actual weight of a pregnancy and the pounds that go with it
> Tips for "smart" weight gain during pregnancy
> The nutritional needs of the body during these 9 months,
> Do not miss either the advice of Dr. Vaquette, nutritionist, who indicates how to gain weight during pregnancy.
> And the testimony of Marina who, despite a slight overweight, had less than 12 kilos after delivery!

And if you too, the prospect of seeing your body round out worries you a bit, discuss it with other (future) moms in our FORUM!

Did you know? These myths about pregnancy ...

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Authors: Stéphanie Thibault and Dr Nicolas Evrard.
Expert consultant: Dr. Agnès Monnier-Vaquette, nutritionist doctor.

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