Hemophilia: Symptoms

Hemophilia can be found in case of many haemorrhages, or in case of excessive bleeding. For example, prolonged bleeding at the point of vaccination, the exaggerated presence of hematomas, or the appearance of haemarthrosis (that is, an effusion of blood in the joints). The symptoms of these are pain and swelling of the joints of the knees, ankles, and elbows.

Sometimes, there are no or few symptoms, and the discovery of hemophilia can be fortuitous. For example, in front of a blood work routine before surgery for example.

The disease is often discovered at the time of walking around the age of 1 year. Age which is often associated with frequent falls likely to cause subcutaneous hematomas, muscular and hemarthroses.

Complementary examinations show during a blood test, a report of abnormal coagulation with an abnormal decrease of one of the factors of coagulation.

Muscle haematomas can cause other more or less serious symptoms. Depending on their location, hemorrhages may cause: vascular or nerve compression, airway compression, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Haemarthrosis (blood effusions in the joints) are disabling in the long term: they cause very annoying symptoms, such as irreversible deformations of the joints and limitations of movement.

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