Hepatitis C: the risks of hepatitis C

The risk of hepatitis C is the transition to chronicity, exceptional for hepatitis A, much more common for hepatitis B and C.

In chronic hepatitis, there are some minimal lesions of the liver tissue and the risk of cirrhosis is low, the fibrosis is important, cirrhosis is installed with a risk of progression to severe liver failure or liver cancer.

Nearly 80% of patients infected with the hepatitis C virus develop chronic infection, and 10% to 20% progress to cirrhosis. And 7% of cirrhotic patients will develop liver cancer.

It is necessary to monitor the evolution of the fibrosis, even the cirrhosis, to look for a disorder of the liver function to evaluate the speed of formation of the fibrosis which will be function of the age of the patient, if the patient drinks alcohol regularly, if he has other pathologies such as other hepatitis or AIDS (relatively common if the patient is addicted and / or with an unstable sexuality, multiple partners).

A liver biopsy can be done to assess fibrosis (this is the removal of a tiny piece of liver through the skin). But today, this review is increasingly replaced by the analysis of various factors, including a fibroscan. Which is less traumatic.

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