Hepatitis C: Symptoms

Hepatitis C can progress from low noise, that is to say, without particular signs, to cirrhosis of the liver (20% of cases), or liver cancer (4 to 5% per year, in patients with cirrhotic patients).

Hepatitis C is very often asymptomatic . That is to say that no symptom comes to alert of a possible infection.

The disease can go unnoticed for several years. At most, the infected person complains of constant tiredness, of a flu-like state.

In most cases, people feel tired but do not feel sick. Hence the importance of asking your doctor to make a screening when you feel fatigue unexplained.

Sometimes, in more severe forms, the disease can result in jaundice (jaundice). But it is rare. The disease is therefore evolving, in most cases, with low noise. This is how she risks developing her complications.

The disease can evolve, without particular symptoms, until cirrhosis of the liver, a very severe disease. Cirrhosis can also remain asymptomatic for a while, but it can decompose and lead to signs and sometimes fatal complications ...
The last complication of hepatitis C is liver cancer. This occurs in 4 to 5% of cases, each year, in patients with cirrhosis.

The virus can be detected by a simple blood test, in the first few weeks of infection. Virus antibodies appear in less than three months. In about 20% of cases, the virus is eliminated spontaneously. We speak of spontaneous healing. But in almost 80% of cases, the infection becomes chronic. It is chronic hepatitis C.

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