Herniated disc: the treatments

First, some cases of emergency lumbar disc herniation, such as problems of incontinence, or difficulties to move a foot, or leg ... require the prompt advice of a doctor, or even a surgeon, because an operation can be mandatory.

Apart from these situations, treatment is primarily medical . It begins with taking medication: analgesic and anti-inflammatory, with of course rest. Treatment with cortisone or even morphine derivatives may be prescribed. An infiltration of cortisone is sometimes necessary. These treatments depend of course on the severity and the evolution of the symptoms.

Management of a herniated disc is provided by a general practitioner, or a rheumatologist or a specialist in functional rehabilitation for more complicated cases requiring specific care. Sometimes hospitalization for a few days may be necessary.

About nine times out of ten, medical treatment can cure the patient. If after a few weeks the situation does not improve, a surgical operation will be considered.

This procedure can be performed by an orthopedic surgeon specialized in spinal disorders or a neurosurgeon.

After the operation, rehabilitation of the lumbar, dorsal and abdominal muscles will be necessary. We also teach the patient to "save" his back ...

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