Herpes labialis: treatments

Local treatments like aciclovir (creams, gels) are not effective against cold sores!

Instead, favor the patches that completely cover the cold sore and allow it to be slightly camouflaged and protected. Generally, the patch is applied to the cold sore as soon as it appears, and it is kept until it comes off alone.

In cases of frequent cold sores, it is best to consult your doctor. He will prescribe antiviral medicines to take in the form of tablets, such as valaciclovir.

In case of an outbreak of cold sores, take 2 tablets daily, for 5 days (the boxes also contain 10 tablets). This medication is generally prescribed for people with fewer than six outbreaks of cold sores a year.

For other people with more than six outbreaks of cold sores a year, 1 tablet a day for a year, may be prescribed by the doctor.

Repeated outbreaks of herpes affect the quality of life and patients feel ashamed of "affective illness".

For severe herpes outbreaks in immunocompromised individuals, specific systemic treatments will be prescribed.

Our advice in the event of a cold sore outbreak:

  • Do not kiss anyone (especially children) because you risk contaminating them!
  • Avoid oral / genital contact as this may contaminate your partner and spread the herpes virus.
  • Do not touch your lesions as you could contaminate other parts of your body (eyes, genitals).

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