Herpes: treatments

Antiviral treatments may be prescribed to stop the progress of the lesion especially before the vesicles appear. These treatments accelerate healing. Antiseptic treatments may also be prescribed to prevent possible superinfection.

Herpetic keratitis is managed by an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. He will prescribe local antiviral treatments in the form of ophthalmic ointment.

Corticosteroid treatments are contraindicated on herpes lesions.

In case of herpes, precautions must be taken:

  • The first is not to scratch the lesions, although it is sometimes difficult to prevent children from touching them.
  • Above all, avoid hands to eyes, not to infect the eyes and induce herpetic keratitis.
  • Also, to prevent a superinfection, a person who presents a herpes outbreak must avoid kissing, touching the small (viruses are very contagious).
  • It must also avoid people who have eczema. Because these could have a significant worsening of their eczema associated with herpes lesions.
  • For the same reasons, the person suffering from a symptomatic herpes (with vesicles on the skin), must also avoid rubbing immunocompromised patients (people who have cancer, who are treated by chemotherapy, people who have immunodepressive diseases such as AIDS ...).
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