Hydramnios: the causes

The hydramnios may be due to too much manufacture of liquid, or a lack of resorption by the fetus. Very often, there is no specific cause for the occurrence of a hydramnios. However, some contributing factors are now well known.

Thus, during pregnancy, a hydramnios can be caused by:

  • Diabetes in pregnant women (gestational diabetes)
  • A fetal malformation.
  • A blood incompatibility (Rh) mother / baby.
  • A state of pre-eclampsia (association of arterial hypertension, proteins in the urine, often with important edema of the legs, hands and face).
  • Fetal anemia important.
  • An infection.
  • A twin pregnancy.
  • Finally, there may be an indeterminate abnormality in the regulation of amniotic fluid.

Hydramnios mainly have an impact on the maternal plane; indeed, the distension of the uterus compresses a large vein of the abdomen (the inferior vena cava), which may cause edema or breathing difficulties in the mother. There is a risk of premature delivery.

For the fetus, the main risk is prematurity, and all the problems that can accompany it. That is why the intervention of a gynecologist is essential to take care of the pregnant woman.

In pictures: ultrasounds of pregnancy week after week

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