Hypothyroidism: the testimony of a patient

Sophie, 22, suffers from hypothyroidism. She gives us her testimony ...

You follow a hormonal treatment, following a hypothyroidism. Did you realize how?

I have hypothyroidism. What alerted me is that I was tired. I slept all the time. Even when I went to college, I would fall asleep. You imagine, it's good in front of teachers! I hardly had my period anymore. It was very irregular and rare. More and more rare. I took 20 pounds, like that, in a few months, without changing anything in my diet yet. And while I was dieting, it did not make me lose weight. The wound, what? I had horrible skin. Dried. I put creams, it did not matter. My nails were breaking. And, above all, I felt really bad. Shrunk, without understanding and completely depressed. By the way, I thought I was having a depression. I was in third year of college. I thought I was tired. That's why I went to see my doctor. For him to give me a lift.

So what ? He found hypothyroidism?

Yes. In fact, right away, when he saw me, he asked me to have a hormonal dosage done. I had a TSH level above normal. He prescribed me a hormonal treatment dosed at 50 microg. It was not better directly. I felt less tired, but I still had those extra pounds that I could not get rid of. And play sports, not easy. I took magnesium. I did some sports anyway and low calorie diets. Above all, I was very careful that I ate. Because, when one is hypothyroid, one can eat little and continue to grow anyway. What you need is good eating. Balanced.

You are doing better ?

Yes. We managed to balance my hormonal treatment. But it took a little while. In fact, I did not stay at my GP. I went to see an endocrinologist. I had too much trouble losing weight. And, I did not want to keep all those extra pounds. It made me too depressed. We ended up finding a dosage that suits me. I lost weight. Not enough for my taste. So, I fight against the pounds. But, I found the form. I feel much less depressed, I play sports, I eat balanced. And I do not sleep without stopping.

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