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Insomniac: the testimony of a patient

Testimony of Sylvie, 48, insomniac for 20 years, who decided to follow a treatment.

You are a chronic insomniac. You know why ?

Yes, I think I know. I am an anxious nature. Since childhood, I have always been a little afraid to go to bed, but I never had trouble sleeping until a certain evening. I had a baby of three months. He died of sudden infant death. I discovered it. On the night of his death, a doctor prescribed me a powerful sleeping pill. The following nights, I continued the treatment. I was so shocked, so traumatized, I was so anxious that I did not stop. I made the mistake of not going to see a psychiatrist or psychologist after the death of my baby. I thought I could do it alone. It's been over twenty years now. For more than twenty years, I have never spent a single night without a sleeping pill.

Why did you decide to get treated?

I'm fed up. I'm sick of this addiction. In fact, for years, I have not suffered. I had a regular life, conditioned by taking my medication in the evening. I knew what time I had to take them to sleep when I wanted to, depending on when I wanted to wake up. But it ruined my life. When there was an evening, for example, I could not help but watch the time. I always thought that if I took my medicine too late, it would be hard for me to wake up the next day and sleepy all day. It was a permanent concern. And then, I decided to quit smoking. I took care of my lifestyle and sleep is part of it. Tobacco is an addiction, sleeping pills too. So, I went to consult.

Where are you now?

I have not completely stopped yet, but I trimmed a lot of my pills. I took a tablet. I'm at a quarter. And I sleep a lot better than when I took a whole. But I'm not out of business yet: I remain very obsessed with the idea of ​​sleep. I talk about it with my therapist. But I know now that I can cope, even if it's long.

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