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Insomnia: Sources and notes

- Dr. Nicolas Evrard.
- Tiphaine De Rostolan, pharmacist (Chapter "Essential oils for sleeping")


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Heavy legs - My Symptoms
My Symptoms

Heavy legs

Too often neglected, the symptom of "heavy legs" affects more than fifteen million people in France. If the vast majority of patients are women, men too can complain. In fact this symptom is related to a problem of venous insufficiency. Unfortunately, we do not choose our veins, we are born with those that our parents leave us
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Stretch marks: Sources and notes - My Symptoms
My Symptoms

Stretch marks: Sources and notes

- Kang S. et al. Topical tretinoin (retinoic acid) providing early stretch marks. Arch Dermatol, 1996. Cushing's syndrome, orphanet encyclopedia General public, November 2006. - Roos N, Cohen-Letessier A, Stretch marks: from clinic to treatment. Med'Com. 2009. 1st edition november 2009. Mallol J, Belda MA, Costa D, et al
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Priapism - My Symptoms
My Symptoms


The term priapism comes from the Greek god of fertility: Priapus, son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, endowed with an excessive penis and constantly erect. Priapism refers to a prolonged (over 3 hours), pathological and painful penile erection that occurs independently of any sexual stimulation. The erection persists for several hours and does not regress spontaneously without medical intervention (except in exceptional cases)
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Constipation: treatments - My Symptoms
My Symptoms

Constipation: treatments

Staying several days without going to the saddle is sometimes well supported. What to avoid are complications and eventually chronic constipation. In these cases, taking mild laxatives is very effective. In case of specific disease (endocrine, tumoral ...), the doctor begins to take care of these problems
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