Kleptomania: the causes

The causes of kleptomania can be psychological and / or medicated. And still underpinned by neurobiological implications.

Serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter, may be partly involved in the genesis of the kleptomanic impulse.

The psychological causes mentioned are diverse. Some experts believe that the act of flight compensates for a depressive feeling, and replace the pleasure of the forbidden emotional sadness.
Others call into question a sexual dissatisfaction of kleptomaniacs, itself relieved by the psychic excitement provided by theft.

Finally, other psychiatric experts consider kleptomania as a means of relieving castration anxiety or anxiety of abandonment. A lack of affection or reassurance received in childhood could explain this pathological tendency in adolescence or adulthood.

Another well-identified cause of kleptomania is the drug treatment of Parkinson's disease. Dopaminergic agonists, typically prescribed in this disease, can cause impulse control disorder. And kleptomania is a behavior sometimes found in Parkinson's patients. Stopping treatment allows the resolution of symptoms.

Do not confuse kleptomania with compulsive shopping, even if these two impulsive behaviors can be associated. For example, when there is a theft of money followed by reckless purchases. In the same way, kleptomania can be associated with another disorder: fetishism. The stolen objects are then always similar, and ritually collected: lingerie, make-up, etc.

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