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School failure: how to recognize a child in difficulty?

School failure is experienced by the child as a personal failure. The child may have an image of him depreciated in a society where the school is at the heart of valuations. Today, academic success is one of the most important sources of recognition.

This failure can lead to difficulties of self-construction and self-realization. And it can be a source of stress or anxiety for the child who can reject school.

How to recognize a child in school failure?

School failure can manifest itself in many ways. It can be linked to difficulties in adapting to the school and its functioning, or even to integrate with the rest of the group of students. But it can also be revealed by a difficult acquisition of basic knowledge. These two definitions of school failure are often correlated.

A child who has trouble adapting to others may have difficulty concentrating and learning. Conversely, a child who is behind the rest of the class may become demotivated, agitated, self-restrained, or even behave aggressively towards other students.

The child in difficulty can adopt very different behaviors. Hyperactivity can lead to academic difficulties. In fact, the hyperactive child has an inability to stay focused on a subject.

On the contrary, the closed child may also experience difficulties of concentration and attention. He is dreamy, passive, and participates very little in school life.

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