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Female orgasm: Clitoral orgasm

If orgasm in women remains a complex subject, the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm, it continues to cause a great debate between sexologists.

If for some, clitoral orgasm results in the rubbing of the clitoris at the entrance of the vagina, others say that orgasm is still the affair of the clitoris. Still others make a real distinction between clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm. But regardless of the origin of the orgasm (clitoral or vaginal), the orgasm spreads to the vagina which then contracts involuntarily.

And the point G?

A great many writings have been devoted to the G-spot, which is located inside the vagina, a few centimeters deep, on the anterior surface (towards the clitoris). Its anatomical reality has never been clearly demonstrated, yet many women find the stimulation of this area extremely voluptuous.

The first author to describe this sensitivity is Ernst Graffenberg in the 1950s, and he clearly thought that this sensitivity was related to the urethra (the small canal that empties the bladder). Today, despite numerous publications, the situation has changed little. Experts prefer to call this area "clitoral-uretero-vaginal complex", meaning that it is difficult to specify exactly what is stimulated, while admitting that the combination of stimulation of the internal branches of the clitoris, the wall Vaginal and urethra provides voluptuous sensations.

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