Very common infection of the male genital tract, epididymitis results in inflammation of the canal that leads the sperm. Very embarrassing and painful, this disease is often benign, provided it is taken in time. It can be accompanied by fever.

An epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis. This region, located at the top of the testicle, collects the testicular flow (and thus the sperm) produced by the testes.

This organ contains a long tube (the epididymal canal), which, curled on itself, is several meters long. In addition to transporting spermatozoa, this conduit allows them to become mature so that they become fertilizing.

Epididymitis usually affects puberty men who have started to have sexual activity, but may also involve older men with prostate disease.

There is chronic epididymitis (pain at the time of ejaculation or in stressful situations) of acute epididymitis, where the pain related to inflammation is very sustained.

Quite often an epididymitis is associated with a testicular infection, which corresponds to an orchitis. We then speak of orchi-epididymitis. And quite often, when we talk about orchitis, the problem comes from an infection of the epididymis.

In case of significant testicular pain, the doctor must examine the patient not to confuse an epididymitis with a torsion of the testicle which must be managed urgently ...

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