Infant bronchiolitis: what you need to know

Every winter, bronchiolitis affects almost one in three babies. That is to say more than 400, 000 children, requiring 20, 000 hospitalizations ... numbers have been increasing steadily for 10 years.

It often starts as a common cold in babies ... then things get complicated. The viral infection spreads to the baby's bronchi and lungs and causes difficulty breathing.

Infant bronchiolitis is a form of bronchitis in infants, a condition that affects the very small terminal bronchi (the twigs of the bronchial tree), those near the lung tissue. It is due to syncytial respiratory viruses that initially give a big cold.

Bronchiolitis is a contagious disease. Often it is the infected person who infects his baby. Infantile disease is also an epidemic in nurseries.

In most cases, it is a mild illness. Impressive, but benign. However, bronchiolitis may have more significant consequences in very small babies, premature infants or children with neonatal pathology. In these cases, it is necessary to consult quickly.

So, what to do to prevent the baby from suffering, and especially how to treat it?

See also our video on the detection of infantile diseases in infants:

The Guthrie test can detect the 5 main congenital diseases in the newborn. What diseases are they? Why should it be detected at birth? And how exactly is it? We asked an expert.

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Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.
Expert consultant: Dr. Georges Picherot, head of the pediatric department at the University Hospital of Nantes.

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