Chrononutrition: How is it?

To start a chrononutritive diet, you have to be organized! Because this method, highly codified, requires to consume such or such food to a specific meal and to ban others. Here is a little how could a typical day be held:

Typical menu of chrononutritrion

> Breakfast.
Rather rich and fat, because the morning, the body would secrete enzymes "greedy" in lipids and proteins.

On the menu: cheese or any other dairy product (white cheese, yoghurt, milk ...), butter, proteins (eggs, ham or turkey), slow sugars to hold the morning (bread or whole grains), and of course a drink (tea, coffee ...) to hydrate the body.

To avoid: fast sugars, jam, honey ...

> Lunch.
As the body stores for the rest of the day, the enzymes will then be "fond" of sugar, starch, and protein. The single dish is for example a good idea, if it is well composed.

On the menu: meat or fish in sufficient quantity, starchy foods (pasta, rice, wheat, semolina ...), and vegetables for the fibers, essential for the proper functioning of the intestinal transit. Vegetables are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

To avoid: sweet desserts. They would be poorly assimilated.

> The snack.
It is recommended in chrononutrition. Indeed, this meal can "recharge" quickly his batteries.

On the menu: fruit, juice, fresh or oleaginous (nuts, hazelnuts, almonds ...) but also chocolate, black preferably.

To avoid: foods based on refined sugar (biscuits, cereal bars or chocolate bars ...).

> The dinner.
It must be light because the body secrete less enzymes by getting ready for the night. Metabolism slows down, food assimilation too. This method proposes to favor the fibers and the proteins for the maintenance of the muscular mass.

On the menu: vegetables in all their forms (soups, cooked or raw in raw vegetables ...), fish or seafood (excellent because rich in trace elements), or even meat, rather thin in the evening .

To avoid: cheese and sweet desserts. They would be directly stored.

A few tips

> In the evening, you can consume a certain amount of starchy foods, in the form of bread, pasta, rice ... They favor falling asleep and avoid waking up completely hungry in the morning.

> If chrononutrition is considered as part of a dieting, then it is better to choose lean meats (white meats, poultry type) but also ham, rabbit ...

> Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines ...) can also be preferred because they provide essential fatty acids (the famous omega-3).

To find out more: Slimming to size thanks to the chrononutrition, by Dr. Alain Delabos, Albin Michel, 2007. Obesity : Assessment and evaluation of prevention and management programs, Inserm, 2006.

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