The dehydration

We very often experience dehydration on a daily basis. Thirsty, dry mouth and feeling tired are the first signs of a lack of hydration. Knowing that water represents 65% of the weight of our body (almost 40 liters of water when we weigh 60 kilos!), It is normal that we drink regularly to feed this reserve.

This water is distributed in our cells, our organs and in the blood. It is therefore vital for the human being to stabilize his water capital by having a sufficient daily supply of water to fill the losses.

It should be known, first of all, that dehydration is not to be taken lightly. Inadequate intake of water will have repercussions on our physical and psychological health and may result in extreme dehydration, death. When we say that water is life, it is not an exaggeration!

The most affected, but also the most vulnerable to dehydration are babies, children and the elderly, as they are more exposed to rapid dehydration. They can not - or more difficultly - become aware of this dehydration, let alone remedy it by their own means. Special situations, such as hot weather, a heat wave favor this dehydration.

What are the causes of dehydration? What are the symptoms of poor hydration, especially in babies, children and the elderly? How to avoid it? And what to do in case of more or less severe dehydration?
Find all the answers to your questions in this article!

Author: Camille Ozuru
Expert Consultant: Dr. Laurence Plumey, Nutritionist Physician

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