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Fatigue (asthenia)

"Doctor, I am tired at the moment ..." Asthenia, a medical term for fatigue, is one of the main reasons for consultation with the general practitioner!

This is a very common situation. Fatigue is the reason for consultation from 1 to 5% of consultations but is found in 10 to 40% of patients when this symptom is sought. Associated with other symptoms, she can direct the doctor towards certain pathologies.

When fatigue is isolated, it is more difficult to understand where it comes from: it can be a sleep problem, a stress episode, the occurrence of personal problems, or even a real syndrome depressive that it will be necessary to know how to detect.

Some periods of life are more tiring than others, and it is difficult to avoid "pumping". For example when the children are small, that is little help: between work, trips, nursery or nannies, shopping, meals, cleaning, there is little time to rest, especially if the nights are interrupted by the insomnia of toddlers. Few women do not have depressing periods resulting in more or less persistent fatigue.

It is normal to have moments of fatigue in life. When the fatigue is unusual and it decreases the quality of life, but especially when it is associated with other symptoms (loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, pain, etc.) you have to go see a doctor who will seek a medical cause to this fatigue.

A large majority of diseases are a source of fatigue; it is prolonged during convalescence and it is necessary to rest.

During the medical consultation, in case of persistent fatigue, the doctor will ask a number of questions to the patient and will perform a clinical examination to look for a possible disease, whether:

  • an infectious disease,
  • heart disease,
  • a digestive disease,
  • a lung disease,
  • thyroid problems,
  • a hormonal disorder ...

The doctor will also look for recent psychological problems, a sleep disorder or sometimes an eating disorder.

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