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Oral sex is an oral sex practice that involves stimulating the penis, and especially the glans , using the tongue, lips, mouth. Great classic sex preliminaries , oral sex can lead the man to orgasm .

Small manual

The blowjob is to reproduce with the mouth the coming and going of the penetration. According to the men, the main thing would be to put a lot of softness, and especially, not to use the teeth.

Slow or fast movement, deep or superficial ... After each man has his preferences, and if the complicity is there, no need to say.

On the penis, places to kiss or tease are various. The most receptive is of course the glans, area of ​​pink mucosa very rich in pleasure sensors, especially at the crown of the glans and on the brake. To multiply the pleasure during oral sex, you can simultaneously masturbate the penis, fondling the testicles.

Practiced at the same time as a cunnilingus in position 69, the two partners will share in unison this moment of pleasure.

On the woman's side

For a blowjob to be successful, the most important thing is to think that it is about sharing a pleasant, exciting contact. It is not an act that must feel forced, otherwise, it will inevitably be missed.

The dialogue, the complicity, the time, or simply a small shower with two will sometimes drop the block.

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