In Latin, libido means " desire ". It was Freud who was the first to use the term libido, now synonymous with sexual desire.

But sexual desire covers many things. It is as much about the desire to make love with one's partner as the propensity to evoke erotic thoughts in a spontaneous way. The libido concerns indeed both the body ... that the head.

Libido down

Sometimes at the top, other times at half mast, the libido is subject to variations. Too tired, no head to that, no time: everyday, libido has a hard life! Good physical and mental health are indeed essential to maintain it.

We can distinguish two levels of causes to lower libido. First, surface causes that encompass various factors. Stress first: preoccupied with professional and financial problems, the mind will give up much less pleasure. Physical or mental, fatigue also causes desire disorders.

Between work, children and shopping, sex often takes a back seat. The routine is indeed the main enemy of the libido. Decreased libido can also reveal tensions within the couple. The refusal to make love then serves to convey a message to the partner, even if the best solution remains the dialogue.

The root causes are more difficult to pin down. This work may require the use of a professional who will help loosen the knots. Past trauma, unconscious factors are all parameters likely to inhibit sexual desire.

Physiological phenomena, such as hormonal variations, can also be at the origin of a decrease, or on the contrary of a revival of the libido. The influence of hormones is particularly noticeable in pregnant women, but also in women and men who are getting older.

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