Lapeyronie's disease

Lapeyronie's disease is a deformed penis, a twisted penis ... visible when erect.

Lapyeyronie's disease is a disease of the male genital tract that can lead to sexual dysfunction with erect penile deformity or erectile dysfunction. It was first described by François Gigot Lapeyronie, surgeon to King Louis XV in 1743.

This pathology has long been considered rare. However, it is more common than people think, but many men with Lapeyronie's disease have stopped their sexuality or do not dare to consult. Sometimes she is diagnosed during a consultation for erectile dysfunction (impotence), but most often, it is the appearance of a deformation that pushes the man to consult. The average age of patients affected by this pathology is 53 years (we can estimate between 3 and 9% beyond 50 years). However, it can affect men at any age.

Classically, Lapeyronie's disease has two phases:

  • It begins with an active phase, during which the pain appears, followed quickly by a deformation of the penis. Sometimes the pain may be absent or minimal.
  • Then begins a chronic phase during which the pain disappears with stabilization of the curvature, usually with improvement or deterioration.
These two phases generally last between 12 and 18 months. However, the course and symptoms of the disease may vary from patient to patient.

This disease is often difficult for patients to experience, and can have psychological and sometimes major sexual repercussions.

The deformation of the penis can be more or less important, and can sometimes become disabling for the sex life of a man: when the penis is curved more than 40-45 degrees it often becomes impossible or painful for the patient to have sex.

It is therefore important to talk to your doctor, to guide specialized care and to improve your sexual life.

Diagram of male genitals:

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