Verneuil's disease

Verneuil's disease, also known as hidrosadenitis, is a so-called orphan skin disease, that is to say a rare pathology that does not benefit from effective treatment to cure it.

Often overlooked and misdiagnosed, Verneuil's disease is characterized by the appearance of nodules and painful abscesses located mainly in the fold areas of the skin (axillary and perineo-inguinal regions).

The people most affected by this disease are usually relatively young. Verneuil's disease can affect men as well as women and usually starts after puberty, but it is most commonly seen in the 30-40 age group. The subjects involved often have overweight problems and are smokers. It has a genetic component, often people with this pathology have affected people in the family.

The onset of the disease usually begins after puberty. Severe acne can be associated with Verneuil's disease. The evolution of the disease and its outcome depend on one person to another.

This pathology can be very disabling to live daily, the nodules can be very painful and become suppurating. It is not contagious or sexually transmitted.
This article written with a specialist dermatologist focuses on the causes, symptoms and treatments of Verneuil's disease.

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