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Nordic walking: The necessary equipment

At each sport its equipment. That of Nordic walking seems more traditional, but it is still necessary that the equipment is really appropriate to this discipline like no other. Especially if you practice Nordic walking on a regular basis, it is important to invest in quality equipment.

Here are the essentials of your equipment and some practical tips to help you make the right choice:

> The sticks (or Nordic Sticks): they are indispensable and imperatively to be used in pairs. For maximum comfort, it is advisable to choose sticks in carbon fiber and / or glass, more solid and flexible. They make it possible to limit the sensations of vibrations during the planting of stick. They must consist of a strap (or strap) that is attached to the wrist for optimum safety. Important: the strap should not shear the hand when backing up.
Sticks must not be adjustable to prevent accidents.
Choose your sticks: to find the size of sticks that suits you, simply multiply your size by 0.7.

> Shoes: There are special shoes for Nordic walking but other shoes can be perfect for this activity. They must above all be comfortable and cushioning at the heels, to limit shocks.
Important: they must not be rising, the ankle must be free from any movement.

> Clothes: to choose according to the weather. They must be flexible, so as not to hinder movement, and breathable micro material to let your body breathe and sweat! Windbreaker, hat, cap and gloves are also expected.

> A backpack: take the essential so you do not suffer from extra weight (water bottle, snacks ...).

> Other useful accessories : a headlamp if you walk early in the morning or in the evening after dark, especially if you choose to walk in nature, devoid of any lighting. A heart rate monitor that lets you know your heart rate.

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