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Massage therapy

Massage therapy brings together a wide variety of massage techniques, helping to relax the muscles, to relax physically and mentally. Massage therapy would have the same objective of preventing and alleviating certain ailments.

In fact, massage therapy is a neologism combining two terms: massage and therapy (meaning treatment). Regarding its therapeutic action, in principle, it is only possible if the massage is performed by a health professional (that is to say, a physiotherapist).

In the majority of cases, the massage therapy wants to be a care of relaxation ... The principle is the same for all the techniques: to calm the tensions via the touch which passes by the hands, the fingers and also sometimes the elbows or even the feet.

For each part of the body, it can be proposed a clean technique. For example, there are techniques that focus on the meridians: energetic points scattered over the entire surface of the body, and used especially in acupuncture.

The different massages

There are dozens of massages, all as different as each other. They are distinguished according to their main purpose:

- Masso-kinesitherapy which is a classical and Western method of tissue massage.

- Massages stimulating energetic points. Example: oriental massage, shiatsu, reflexology, Japanese massage therapy ...

- Relaxing massages integrating a psychocorporal dimension. These massages help relax the body and mind. Example: Californian massage.

The benefits

Massage therapy provides a moment of relaxation and brings many beneficial effects such as muscle relaxation or nervous, stimulation of blood circulation, digestion, elimination ... Massage therapy can also relieve tension and evacuate the stress or anxiety.

Important: the objective of "therapy" can in principle be targeted only if a health professional performs this massage.

Author: Clémentine Fitaire

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