Fungus nail

Fungus mycosis - or onychomycosis - is an infection of the nail with microscopic fungi, characterized by a strong affinity for the feet. Very common, it affects nearly 10% of the population, and nearly 30% of the over 70s.

The vast majority of nail fungus affects the feet, but they can (more rarely) also affect the fingernails.

Disgusting, nail fungus is manifested by yellowish spots on the nail, which gradually begins to thicken and become friable over time.

Fungus mycosis is very common and contagious. The transmission of the disease is promoted by maceration, humidity, by walking barefoot in places with many people (swimming pools, gyms, showers, saunas ...).

To establish with certainty nail fungus, it is essential to consult a doctor. Only he will be able to make the diagnosis, in particular by carrying out if necessary a levy. Unpleasant, but painless, this sample makes it possible to identify the cause and thus guides the treatment.

Fortunately, onychomycosis can benefit from effective treatment ... if it has been identified! How to recognize it, how to treat it, how to prevent it? After that, mushrooms just have to stand!

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Author: Dr. Ada Picard.
Expert consultant: Dr. Coline Munsch, dermatologist.

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