The epidural

When the first contractions appear, that they return at a regular interval (about 5 minutes at the beginning of work), and that they have an action on the dilatation of the neck, it is said that the pregnant woman gets "in work".

During work, the pain is perceived differently by women. If future mothers will manage to support it, for others, it may be difficult to tolerate. Relaxation and breathing techniques can help alleviate suffering. However, the only method that can effectively relieve the pain of contractions is the epidural.

Epidural anesthesia (APD) is a locoregional anesthesia, that is, only a part of the body is anesthetized. The purpose of the epidural is to suppress, or at least to diminish, the pains of labor and delivery of the mother-to-be.

Its principle is to inject into the epidural space, near the nerves that innervate the uterus, a local anesthetic product in order to block the transmission of pain.
This epidural space is located between two lumbar vertebrae, in contact with the roots of the spinal cord between the hard mother (envelope of the spinal cord) and the bone.

This technique ensures a good stability of the vital functions necessary to the mother and the child.
The APD is performed by the anesthetist resuscitator on call who will be reachable throughout the duration of labor and delivery.
It is a technique of analgesia of the childbirth very frequently used in France.

Hypnosis during pregnancy

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