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Herbal medicine: to each plant its virtues

The remedies of our grandmothers have found a second youth in recent years.

Moreover, without even realizing it, we regularly use herbal medicine:

  • a tea with linden or lemon balm before going to bed to sleep,
  • an arnica ointment on a hematoma,
  • eucalyptus candies to soothe cough,
  • ginseng capsules to overcome fatigue ...

And for more severe pathologies, a few years ago, anti-cancer drugs were developed from substances derived from yew and Madagascar's periwinkle.

But here, drugs developed from these substances, have become true allopathic pharmaceuticals.

Where to find them?

You can find plants (dry, fresh, capsules, herbal teas ...):

  • In all pharmacies, parapharmacies, dietary stores in different forms and ready for use.
  • In herbalists: they are specialized in medicinal plants. They will be able to inform you about the different varieties and their virtues, but also about the dosages and the methods of preparation.
  • In natural products stores.
  • In supermarkets with a dietetic range: they are mainly slimming products, against fatigue or digestive problems.
  • In nature, simply! But beware, this practice is only for people with a very thorough knowledge of plants. If this is not the case, it is better not to venture into an improvised picking, some plants can be very toxic or even deadly.

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